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Calling for Nominations

2024-2026 Founder Region & Fellowship Boards

At our annual region conference in May, 2024 we will be electing officers and directors for the Founder Region and Fellowship boards.

We are seeking nominees for Governor-elect, Region Secretary, Region Treasurer, and one Director from each district. We  also be electing our Founder Region Fellowship President, Treasurer and one Fellowship Director from each district . Clubs are to submit their nominations no later than December 1, 2023.

 To be eligible for office: 
  •  Only regular members in good standing are eligible.
  •  Must have served a term as club President. Governor-elect must have served on the Founder Region Board within six (6) years prior to the term for which being nominated.
  • Fellowship President must either be a past Founder Region Governor OR have served on the Fellowship Board within six (6) years prior to the term for which being nominated.
  •  District Director and Fellowship Director shall be a member of a club in that district.
  •  Must not hold any other elected Soroptimist office during the coming term.

Please remember that the consent of the nominee is not necessary. Obtaining consent is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee.

For any questions, please contact your 2023-2025 District Nominating Committee Representative:
District I:Bonnie Mertz bonniemertz5844@gmail.com
District II:Clara Oakes oakes.clara@gmail.com
District III:Madalienne Peters madaliennepeters@gmail.com
District IV:Vicki Dillard      vldillard@gmail.com
District V:Angie Haramoto angehara64@gmail.com

The link to the nomination form on the Founder Region website is available below.

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