Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."

Club Grants

Soroptimist Club Grants for Education and Economic Empowerment

The Soroptimist Club Grants for Education and Economic Empowerment are funds given to Soroptimist clubs to start or continue projects in their communities that improve the lives of women and girls, in accordance with SIA's mission and focus.

Be aware Soroptimist Dream Programs are eligible for funding with the following guidelines: Live Your Dream Award – grants cannot be used to fund the financial award. Proposals will be considered for club efforts to expand the impact of the award on award recipients. This could include efforts to support additional education or training, mentoring, job assistance, etc.

Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls – funds can be used to begin a Dream It, Be It project or to add a new dimension to an existing project. Dream It, Be It projects must use the Dream It, Be It curriculum as well as the Dream It, Be It Evaluation Form and submit evaluation results to SIA.

Apply for a Soroptimist Club Grant!
After you review the Tips for Applying handout (all languages linked below), apply for a Soroptimist Club Grant online through the digital application.
Application Worksheet

Applications due by March 1 
of each year.

General Tips for Applications

A well written and thorough proposal is as important as the project itself. Each proposal requires a cover sheet, a budget, and an eight-part narrative that includes
 • Proposal Summary
 • Needs Assessment
 • Outcomes
 • Methods
 • Responsibilities
 • Evaluation
 • Public Relations Strategy
 • Funding Needs

Choose a project that addresses women and/or girls, meets local need, and responds to club member interest and expertise.

 Clubs should choose a project that aligns with the Soroptimist mission to improve the lives of women and girls. It is also important that mission-based projects meet an identified local community need. Finally, members should be actively engaged for a project to be successful.

Describe the project in an effective way. Ensure the proposal is written meticulously, includes all requested information, and is detailed enough for reviewers to understand the full project.

A project that is not clear and fully described to the application reviewers
 will not receive funding.