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Region Awards

Founder Region Awards

Barbara Stevenson "S" Club Award

Specific to Founder Region, these awards are offered solely for the purpose of honoring outstanding high school seniors that are members of an "S" Club in Founder Region.

Applications for this award are submitted by clubs and/or members of "S" Clubs with the selection to be made by the "S" Club committee. The number and value of the annual awards are to be determined by the Region Board. At our Region conference in 2018, two $500.00 awards were awarded.   Application - click here.

Clubs of the Region or individuals may make donations to the fund that provides for these awards. All contributions to this fund received by the region treasurer shall be added to the principal.

Julia Bess Combs Membership Retention Award

This award is given to clubs who have retained 90% of their membership during a club year. These awards are given out at District Meeting each year.

The trophies were traveling awards and clubs kept them for a year. Over the years it became difficult to keep track of the awards and get them to conference.  One of the awards was lost at a conference and the trophy was no longer available for purchase. Past Governor Marjorie Conley who had purchased one of the birds in flight from the Smithsonian catalogue for her personal use kindly donated her statue back to the Region.

The original awards were retired in 2002 by conference action. Currently the awards presentation at the annual Founder Region Conference consists of the presentation of a special certificate to the winning club, and a donation in their name to the SIA Club Giving campaign.
JULIA "BESS" COMBS MEMBERSHIP INCREASE AWARD is awarded to the club having the largest net growth in regular membership during the year from July 1 through March 31st. This net growth is not to include that of a newly chartered Soroptimist club sponsored by the club. Net growth is understood to mean increase above and beyond current regular membership minus those who resign or regular membership terminated for other reasons. This award is presented by the Membership Committee at the Founder Region conference. The winner is determined by the records of the Founder Region treasurer.

The "Power of 8" Membership Retention Award

The Power of Eight (8) Award is an award that recognizes clubs who have retained at least 90% or more of their membership from July 1st to June 30th each year. The award supports our strategic plan goal to have clubs retain 90% of their membership each year. A certificate is presented at the district meeting each fall to each club that meets the goal of at least 90% retention.