Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."


Soroptimist International

 “Opening Doors to a Bright Future”, is the new Soroptimist International President’s Appeal,
2021-2023, which  officially launched October 1st.  Building on a tangible thread running through the very heart of Soroptimist work, “Opening Doors to a Bright Future” will cement the Soroptimist belief and commitment to Education throughout the life-course, and its immense power and fundamental role as a driver for sustainable development, peace, and equality. Investing in girls’ education brings high rewards, breaking cycles of poverty and aiding economic growth.
Education empowers women, girls, and their communities, delivering skills and knowledge, whilst increasing confidence. Enabling women and girls to make informed decisions affecting their future wellbeing, health, participation, and quality of life.

Women and girls will achieve their individual and collective potential, realize aspirations and have an equal voice in creating strong, peaceful communities worldwide.

Soroptimist transform the lives and status of women and girls through education, empowerment and enabling opportunities.

The Principles of Soroptimism are to strive for:
  • The advancement of the status of women
  • High ethical standards
  • Human rights for all
  • Equality, development, and peace and
  • The advancement understanding, goodwill and peace. 

Soroptimist International Federations

Soroptimist International of the Americas

Soroptimist International of the Americas has about 1,300 clubs in 21 countries and territories who work to economically empower women and girls. Soroptimist clubs receive assistance in their volunteer efforts by participating locally in programs developed and sponsored by the Soroptimist organization. Headquarters are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Soroptimist International
of Europe

Soroptimist International of Europe (SI/E) is one of four federations of Soroptimist International (SI), a worldwide organisation of women in management and professions, working to build a better world for women and children through awareness, advocacy and action. SI/E is present in 58 countries with over 1'230 clubs and 35'000 members. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, SI of Europe is comprised of more than 1,250 clubs in 60 countries, including Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caribbean.

Soroptimist International of  
Great Britain & Ireland

Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) has 6000 Members in 270 Clubs in 18 countries including Great Britain, Ireland and countries in Asia, the Caribbean and Malta, who work at a local, national and international level to educate, empower and enable opportunities for women and girls. Headquartered in Stockport, Cheshire, England.

Soroptimist International of
Southwest Pacific

 SI of the South West Pacific is comprised of 138 clubs in 12 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Combodia, Thailand, Samoa, Singapore, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Since its Charter as a Federation in its own right in 1978, the South West Pacific has grown from three member countries, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, to include 12 countries - these include Mongolia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Samoa, Singapore, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Headquarters is in Sydney, Australia

Soroptimist International  Africa Federation

The African Federation currently comprises four regions: North Region, East Region, West and Central Region, and South Region. The North region includes Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Niger. The East region includes Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Seychelles, Madagascar, Malawi and Mauritius. The West and Central region includes Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, The Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Burkina and Guinea. The South region includes South Africa and Zimbabwe.