Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."

About Us

2022-2024 Biennium Theme

Official Totem - Bee

Founder Region Board of Directors

Vicki Ham


Elise Balgley

SI/The Tri-Valley

Kristal Koga

Region Secretary

Tess Albin-Smith

Region Treasurer
SI/Noyo Sunrise

Lenore Colarusso

District I Director
SI/24-680 (Walnut Creek)

Jackie DeVries

District II Director

Colleen Ganaye

District III Director
SI/Sonoma Valley

Elaine Reed

District IV Director

Teri Lynn Sato

District V Director

Other Appointed/Elected Leadership

Sylvia Crafton


Dona Gaddis Wolf

Conference Coordinator

Cara Begley

Conference Treasurer

Gina Moore

Fundraising Pillar Chair

Lyn Lurbe

Membership Pillar Chair
SI/North Oahu

Elise Balgley

Program Pillar Chair
Violet Richardson Chair
SI/The Tri-Valley

Kris Chorbi

Public Awareness Pillar Chair 

Kris Chorbi

Fellowship President

Danelle Tegarden

Fellowship Treasurer


Region Committee Chairs

Bev Gomer

Dream It, Be It

Teresa Karlson

Financial Review

Sheila Bearden

Laws & Resolutions
SI/Humboldt Bay

Linda Witong

Legislative Advocacy
SI/Marine County

Debbie Coles

Live Your Dream

Dyann O'Brien


Debbie Thompson

Redwood Memorial Grove

Joy Swank

"S"  Club

Debbie Scaife

Soroptimist Celebrating Success
SI/Eel River Valley

Founder Region Committees

Dream It, Be It
Bev  Gomer, Chair
District II - Joy Swank
District III - Nushy Safinya
District IV - Allyne Brown
District V - Elise Carmody
Financial Review
Teresa Karlson, Chair
District IV -  Loretta Tognolli
District IV -  Heather Ellison

Gina Moore, Chair
District I -  Lisa Schibler
District II -  VACANT
District III - Madalienne Peters
District IV - Andrea Boldt  
District V  -  VACANT
Laws & Resolutions
 Sheila Beardon, Chair
Legislative Advocacy
Linda Witong, Chair
District I - Shantee Baker
District II - Phyllis Gordon  
District III - Madalienne Peters    
District V - Angie Haramoto  
District V - Sandra Simms
Live Your Dream
Debbie Coles, Chair
District I - Carolyn Bolton
District II -  Dana Holve
District III - Maida Herbst
District IV -  vacant
District V - Wendy McDonald

Lyn Lurbe, Chair
District I - Lenore Colarusso
District II - Jackie DeVries
District III- Colleen Ganaye
District IV -  Elaine Reed
District V - Teri Lynn Sato

Dyann O'Brien, Chair
District I: Bonnie Mertz
District II: Clara Oakes
District III: Madalienne Peters
District IV: Vicki Dillard
District V: Angie Haramoto
Public Awareness
Kris Chorbi, Chair
Disttict IV - Kitty Norris
Redwood Memorial Grove
Debbie Thompson, Chair
District IV - Dyann O'Brien
District IV - Peggy Dimmick
District IV -  Linda Perry
"S" Cub  
Joy Swank, Chair
District IV - Tess Albin-Smith
District V - Jessica Castro

 Violet Richarson Award
Governor-elect Elise Balgley, Chair
District I - Carol Dippel
District II - Susan Avery
District III -VACANT
District IV - Heather Bitner
District V - Rene Tokunaga