Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."

Past Governors

Governors of Founder Region

2020-2022 Founder Region Governor, Kris Chorbi

Soroptimist International of Eureka
Theme: "Dream BIG for the future!"

Region Board  
Governor-elect: Vicki Ham, SI/Willits
Secretary: Joy Swank, SI/Vacaville
Treasurer: Tess Albin-Smith, SI/Noyo Sunrise
District 1: Lenore Colarusso, SI/ 24-680 (Walnut Creek)
District 2: Jackie Arnold, SI/Vallejo
District 3: Colleen Ganaye, SI/Sonoma Valley
District 4: Vicki Baldwin, SI/Crescent City
District 5: Kristal Koga, SI/The Marianas

Region Conferences  
2021 - Virtual Conference on Zoom Attendance: 1,000+ over 5 days
2022 - Honolulu, Hawaii Attendance: 204

Clubs Chartered:  SI/North Oahu

Club Members as of 6/30/22: 1302
The 2020-2022 biennium started at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Founder Region Board rose to the challenge and continued to support our clubs in a virtual world via the Zoom platform. We started the Founder Region Tutorials to engage with members and deliver program & leadership training bi-monthly. The 2020 District Meetings and the 2021 Conference were held virtually as SIA suspended club and region in-person events to keep our members safe. Fellowship gave 6 awards totaling $60,000 both years through online fundraising and donations. Clubs supported the Conference Service Projects, sewing dresses for ”Dress a Girl Around the World” and “Menstrual Kits” for DaysForGirls.
Region board members attended club meetings/events/fundraisers across the region virtually to support our members. We celebrated our 100 Year Anniversary during the 2021 conference, at an SIA Virtual Event, and in-person at SI/Oakland-The Founder Club celebration. In-person District Meetings and Conference during the second year of the biennium resumed and members were thrilled to be together while supporting our mission.
My time as Governor was not what I expected, but it gave way for coming up with new and creative ways to engage & support our clubs. Many say I will be remembered for being the "COVID Governor" but I hope I was able to move our Region forward during the most unprecedented time in history.

2018 - 2020 Founder Region Governor, Sylvia Crafton

Soroptimist International of The Marianas
Theme: "Empowering Change"

Region Board  
Governor-elect: Kris Chorbi, SI/Eureka
Secretary:  Pat Eileen Fisher, SI/Martinez
Treasurer:  Vicki Ham, SI/Willits
District 1:  Elise Balgley, SI/Fremont
District 2:  Bev Gomer, SI/Martinez
District 3:  Joy Swank, SI/Vacaville
District 4:  Barbara Young, SI/Santa Rosa
District 5:  Dyann O'Brien, SI/Eureka
District 6: Kristal Koga, SI/The Marianas

Region Conferences  
2019 -  San Ramon,  Marriott     Clubs in region: 53      Registration:  404
2020 -  Virtual Conference COVID-19  Clubs in region: 54    

Club Members as of 6/30/20: 1488
Our biennium theme, “Empowering Change”, aptly expresses the uniqueness of this term and the work accomplished.  We empowered change by reducing our number of districts and realigned district boundaries for better balance.  We chartered two new clubs - SI/West Sonoma County and SI/Oakmont Wine Country. At our 2019 Founder Region Conference we were honored to have our Soroptimist International President Mariet Verhoef-Cohen and SIA Federation President Elizabeth Di Geronimo, as visitors and presenters.  When the Coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020, our world changed drastically and we had to empower change to comply with social distancing and canceled our in-person conference.  We converted our plans for the 2020 conference and accomplished all of our business and awards via a Virtual Conference including Zoom video conference call presentations for Legislative Advocacy, Founder Region Fellowship, and the Saturday Night announcements of the ballot and election results and a virtual installation for our 2020-2022 Founder Region and Fellowship Boards.  There were several narrated presentations posted on the website to cover the content and all aspects of a typical Founder Region Conference.  We also accomplished our Leadership Training in June with narrated presentations and a live Zoom video conference event including breakout sessions.
Founder Region Fellowship looked at new ways of raising funds and educated us on the importance of financial strategies to ensure the longevity of this life-changing program.  We gave $100,000.00 in Fellowship grants to 10 deserving women in 2019 and $70,000.00 in Fellowship grants in 2020.
Founder Region Newsletters 2018 - 2020

 2016 - 2018 Founder Region Governor, Pam Parker

Soroptimist International of St. Helena Sunrise
Theme: "Soroptimists Are Shining Stars "

Governor Pam's Blog Posts
Region Board  
Governor-elect: Sylvia Crafton, SI/The Marianas
Secretary:  Kris Chorbi, SI/Eureka
Treasurer:  Vicki Ham, SI/Willits
District 1:  Elise Balgley, SI/Fremont
District 2:  Pat Eileen Fisher, SI/Martinez
District 3:  Joy Swank, SI/Vacaville
District 4:  Barbara Young, SI/Santa Rosa
District 5:  Dyann O'Brien, SI/Eureka
District 6:  Angie Haramoto, SI/Maui

Region Conferences  
2017 -  San Ramon,  Marriott    Clubs in region: 52     Registration: 360
2018 -  San Ramon,  Marriott    Clubs in region: 53     Registration: 360  
There were three major accomplishments for Founder Region during this biennium.   First,  three NEW clubs were chartered in this biennium.  What a great accomplishment!  Opening the door to new members in Vacaville, The Republic of Palau and American Canyon only broadens our geography and gives us more opportunity to increase our collective impact, both locally and globally (glocally).  Second, Founder Region had 100% participation in clubs contributing to SIA Club Giving in our 2017-2018 club year!  This is a first for Founder Region.   The third accomplishment is the success we have seen with  our clubs having Human Trafficking Awareness Proclamations read at their community City Council meetings, and then taking those Proclamations and awareness information out INTO their community. Founder Region Soroptimists will continue our effort to STOP trafficking. ---Pam Parker

Club Members as of 6/30/18: 1503

2014-2016 Founder Region Governor, Bobbi Enderlin

Soroptimist International of Benicia
Theme: "Share the JOY of Soroptimist" 

Governor Bobbi's Blog Posts
Region Board  
Governor-elect: Pam Parker, SI/St Helena Sunrise
Secretary:  Charlene Stamps, SI/Oakland - The Founder Club
Treasurer:  Vicki Ham, SI/Willits
District 1:  Gloria Bragg, SI/San Ramon
District 2:  Bev Gomer, SI/Martinez
District 3:  Helaine Bowles, SI/Benicia
District 4:  Maddy Leader, SI/Sonoma Valley
District 5:  Kris Chorbi, SI/Eureka
District 6:  Lyn Lurbe, SI/Central Oahu

Region Conferences  
2015 -  San Ramon,  Marriott                  Clubs in region: 53      Registration:  404
2016 - Honolulu, Hawaii - Waikiki Beach Marriott    Clubs in region: 53      Registration:  288

Club Members as of 6/30/16: 1489
SIA launched the membership campaign - "Aboard the Membership" - SI/Northern Mariana Islands won 5th place at the federation level for the most increase in membership. Membership recruitment and retention was a major focus this biennium. The Cloverdale, East Contra Costa, and Livermore clubs disbanded. Clubs were encouraged to become "No Guilt Clubs" and assess their club health. Unless clubs are healthy, and focusing on the Soroptimist mission as well as having fun, they will not continue to be relevant. An effort to charter a new club on the island of Palau began, although did not get completed before the biennum was over.

SIA Conventions were held in Vancouver, BC, Canada and Orlando Florida. The Soroptimist International Convention was held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015.

100% of the clubs participated in the Live Your Dream Award. The region continued the Ruby Award and the Violet Richardson Award. Club Giving continued to be at an all time high, and the goal was for clubs to donate 10% of their funds raised to SIA while keeping 90% for local projects Many Founder Region  clubs engaged in the  "Dream It, Be It" new girl's project.
-- Bobbie Enderlin

2012 - 2014 Founder Region Governor, Dona Gaddis Wolf

2015-2017 SIA Federation Director
2018-2019 SIA Fundraising Council Member
Soroptimist International of Pittsburg
Theme: "Share the Light of Soroptimist Service" 

Governor Dona's Blog Posts
Region Board  
Governor-elect: Bobbi Enderlin
Secretary:  Charlene Stamps
Treasurer:  Pam Parker  
District 1:  Gloria Bragg
District 2:  Bev Gomer
District 3:  Shannon Richards
District 4:  Maddy Leader
District 5:  Kris Chorbi
District 6:  Lorene Hopkins

Region Conferences  
2013 -  San Ramon, Marriott      Clubs in region: 55      Registration: 412
2014 -  San Ramon, Marriott      Clubs in region: 56      Registration: 416  
During Dona’s biennium, Founder Region was named first place in 2013 as “Outstanding Region" of the Federation and honorable mention in 2014. This was the year of big change at the federation level. SIA launched Shaping the Future of Soroptimist at the convention, and the second year it was Riding the Wave of Change. Increased Collective Impact was the buzzword of the biennium. The LiveYourDream.org program was launched and has had a big impact adding thousands of people to our network. Club Giving was at all time high, and the goal was for clubs to donate 10% of their funds raised to SIA while keeping 90% for local projects.

Club Members as of 6/30/14: 1630

Clubs Chartered: Northern Mariana Islands

2010 - 2012 Founder Region Governor, Linda Sue (Nickerson) Hansen 

Soroptimist International of Vallejo Gateway
Theme: "Just Imagine" 

Governor Linda Sue's Blog Posts
Region Board  
Governor-elect: Dona Gaddis Wolf
Secretary:  Bobbi Enderlin  
Treasurer:  Pam Parker  
District 1:  Charlene Stamps
District 2:  Gloria Soderbery  
District 3:  Linda Glantz  
District 4:  Jeannie Griffitts  
District 5:  Patti Clinton  
District 6:  Sylvia Crafton  

Region Conferences  
2011 -  Rohnert Park                       Clubs in region: 56       Registration: 417    
2012 -  San Ramon,  Marriott        Clubs in region: 56       Registration: 477  
This biennium started off with Soroptimist International of the Americas having their convention in San Francisco which meant that most of our members could attend. All were reminded of how International we are in this organization! Our October district meetings were well attended and we stressed writing club grants and taught you how to make reports to Federation and SI about your projects so the UN would know what we are doing. As a board and region: e re-did your website and brought it up to date! We gained 156 new members. We took on your region VRA winner's project of making over 2500 blankets for Foster kids. We took on your region Ruby winner's project of building a secondary school in Kenya and raised $18,400 in just 8 months. We moved Leadership into our Conference schedule so more could attend and learn about the organization. Just imagine all that you did for these two years that moved women and girls ahead in the world. I thank you for everything-  --Governor Linda Sue

2008 - 2010 Founder Region Governor, Amelia Benko

Soroptimist International of Livermore
Theme: "Making a Difference Matters" 

Region Board  
Governor-elect: Linda Sue Hansen
Secretary:  Dona Gaddis Wolf
Treasurer:  Debbie Thompson  
District 1:  Charlene Stamps
District 2:  Gloria Soderbery  
District 3:  Bobbi Enderlin
District 4:   Sandra Frazer
District 5:  Ada Kornmeyer  
District 6:  Sylvia Crafton  

Region Conferences  
2009 -  San Ramon, Marriott        Clubs in region: 57       Registration: 500  
2010 -  Ihilani Resort & Spa – Ko Olina, Honolulu, Hawaii       Clubs in region: 56       Registration: 282

I have thanked you for the privilege of serving as Governor of this Region, but it must be said again that the value you placed on your own membership was my inspiration. I asked for 110%, your response was immeasurable. The successes of my biennium were a true reflection of the commitment and dedication of the membership of this Region.

 You can all be proud of two years of:
  • 100% of clubs participating in the Womens Opportunity Award, honoring at least 114        women, we know it was many more.
  • 100% of members donating to Founder Pennies
  • 95% of clubs participating in the Violet Richardson Award
  • 50% of clubs submitting Ruby Award applications
  • More than $120,000 raised to benefit the SIA Program Development Fund through the Club Campaign & Laurel Society
  • Founder Region Fellowship, recognizing fifteen women with grants totaling $140,000.
  • Awareness, advocacy and action regarding our international programs against sexual  trafficking and exploitation and the hundreds of volunteer hours performed and the tens of thousands of dollars raised to benefit your local communities.  --Amelia Benko

2006 - 2008 Founder Region Governor, Sue Finch

Soroptimist International of Eel River Valley
Theme: "Creating Magic through Soroptimist Service" 

Region Board  
Governor-elect: Amelia Benko
Secretary:  Linda Sue Hansen
Treasurer:  Debbie Thompson  
District 1:  Barbara L. Lanier
District 2:  Dona Gaddis Wolf
District 3:  Bobbi Enderlin
District 4:  Helen A. Sager
District 5:  Bonnie Vukonich  
District 6:  Judy Lee

Region Conferences  
2007 -  San Ramon,  Marriott      Clubs in region: 65     Registration: 455
2008 -  San Ramon,  Marriott      Clubs in region: 65     Registration:
I will miss being your Governor, but I always think of the magic your created while I had the distinction of serving you. Your extraordinary efforts during the 2006-2008 biennium were:
  • Kicked of the Soroptimist Stop Trafficking Campaign creating awareness of the insidious business of human trafficking.
  • Raised more money for Fellowship than ever-allowing us o award $60,000 to eight women with the passion to pursue their dream.
  • Continued to support the Women’s Opportunity Award with 100% participation.
  • Increased club participation in the Violet Richardson Award to 92%, honoring 62 girls for their community service.
  • Raised record sums of money in your club fundraisers and gave record sums away through your community projects.
  • Expanded attendance at the “Hit the Road, “She’s All That” and “Get Real Academy” events.
  • Augmented awareness of Soroptimist through your press releases and media campaigns.
  • Participated in region-wide “Saturday of Service” activities to assist senior women.
  • Our “Live Your Dream” Fair raised almost $10,000 for Project Independence: Women Survivors of War and this project was selected as SIA’s Best Practices award for promoting this Quadrennial project.                                                                 

You did all that and more and I will always remember the magic your created through your Soroptimist service!  ~ Governor Sue  

2004 - 2006 Founder Region Governor, Cathy Mitchell

2007-2009 SI/A Federation Director
Soroptimist International of Cloverdale
Theme: "Together We Can" 

Region Board  
Governor-elect: Sue Finch
Secretary:  Linda Sue Hansen
Treasurer:  Joyce Strand
District 1:  April Rovero
District 2:  Norene Lowry
District 3: Terry Baldwin
District 4:  Penny Solem
District 5:  Debbie Thompson
District 6:  Jane Murakami

Region Conferences  
2005 -  San Ramon               Clubs in region: 57       Registration: ?
2006 -  Concord Hilton        Clubs in region: 65       Registration: 185

Clubs Chartered: SI/Windsor & SI/24/680

First Governor and so far only Governor to be installed in Guam. It is a memory that I will cherish forever. The warmth, friendship, and love that we received from the members of the two clubs will never be forgotten.

Soroptimist International of the Americans introduced the Renaissance Campaign. Clubs were asked to focus on Program, Public Awareness, Membership and Fundraising. SIA funded the Women’s Opportunity Awards based on the number of clubs in each region. As a result, SIA awarded $20,000 to the six district winners of our Women’s Opportunity Awards.
Founder Region accepted the challenge of the Renaissance Campaign and 100% of the clubs participated in the Women’s Opportunity Awards in both years of the biennium.

Deborah Santana, wife of Carlos Santana, was guest speaker at the twenty-ninth region conference held May 6, 7, 8 2005. She read excerpts from her book “Space Between the Stars” and spoke on how important it was to be a volunteer. After she spoke, she signed books that she had available for sale. So many of our members lined up in the foyer to purchase her book that the afternoon session was closed and the election results were moved to the evening session.

Kathryn Xian, the Non-Executive Director of “Safe Zone Foundation” and “Girl Fest Bay Area”, was the region winner of the “ Making A Difference for Women Award” and went on to win the Federation award.

Thank you for the honor that you bestowed on me by electing me your Governor for the 2004-2006 biennium. I will cherish the memories and the friendships that I have made for the rest of my life. I will continue to fight for the women and children who have no voices and I know that “Together We Can” improve the lives of women and girls in our local communities and throughout the world. --Cathy Mitchell

2002 - 2004 Founder Region Governor, Mary Ann Redden

Soroptimist International of Antioch
Theme: "Achieve Growth by Sharing" 

Region Board  
Governor-elect: Cathy Mitchell
Secretary:  Sue Finch
Treasurer:  Joyce Strand
District 1:  Chrisann Nicholson
District 2:  Terry Comiskey
District 3: Carol Stein/Terry Baldwin
District 4:  Linda Simon
District 5:  Elaine Reed
District 6: Julie Kamanawa-Kala

Region Conferences  
2003 -  Concord Hilton                            Clubs in region: 67       Registration: 470
2004 -  Hilton Guam Resort & Spa        Clubs in region: 65       Registration: 216

Clubs Chartered: SI/American Canyon

There were many special events during the biennium. The chartering of a new club, American Canyon was very exciting; over 100 members from the Region were in attendance. A bus trip to the Redwood Memorial Grove was arranged. There were some difficulties such as the bus driver did not know how to get to the Redwood Memorial Grove; the bus did not go over what felt like 40 miles per hour. However, it was a worthwhile trip in that over 100 members experienced the Redwood Memorial Service.

At the 2003 Conference, guest speaker Michael Pritchard, kept the membership in stitches with his humorous presentation about his experiences as a teacher and working with handicapped people. His lively wit included phrases such as "If life was logical men would ride side saddle" and some people have NCAA, "No Clue At All"

The Recruitment/Retention/Extension/Soroptimist Orientation and Leadership Training Fund was established. Founder Region Fellowship gave a reception for members who are Fellows, to meet the awardees one on one.

The 2004 Conference was very exciting. It was held in Tamuning, Guam. Forty seven clubs were represented at Conference and heard presentations from the Honorable Felix P. Camacho, Governor of Guam; Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes, a Congressional Record from the 108th House of Representatives; Official visitor, Takiko Hayaish, President Soroptimist International of the Americas; and a workshop conducted by Leigh Wintz, Executive Director SIA. Linda Manor, Director of the Fund Development Council shared information on funding Soroptimist programs.

There is so much more that happened during the biennium, but not enough space to put it all down. Being Governor of Founder Region was and is a life changing experience. I cherish the friendships and memories made. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. -- Mary Ann Redden

2000 - 2002 Founder Region Governor, Carol Rose 

2003-2005 SI/A Federation Director
Soroptimist International of El Pinablo
Theme: "Soroptimists Soar into the New Century"

Region Board  
Governor-elect: Mary Ann Redden
Secretary:  Amelia Benko
Treasurer:  Cathy Mitchell
District 1:  Chrisann Nicholson
District 2:  Doris Webster
District 3:  Lee Ray McDoniels
District 4:  Kay Barrett Ritter
District 5:  Sue Finch
District 6:  Julie Kamanawa-Kala

Region Conferences  
2001 -  San Ramon,  Marriott                            Clubs in region: 66       Registration: 417
2002 -  Kona, HI - Keauhou Beach Resort      Clubs in region: 66       Registration: 332

The biennium started with a Leadership retreat at Sonoma State College. It was the first time we used evaluations to let us know how we did and it gave us new direction for the next year
Walker Ranch was chosen for the next Leadership retreat, a very rustic and pastoral place.
The Public Relations committee was re-established and Founderlink, the online newsletter was instituted.

The honoring of the Women of Distinction was changed from Sunday to a Friday afternoon luncheon and we started Conference Friday mornings.

At our 2002 Federation convention in San Diego, Japan Chuo Region and Founder Region signed papers to become Friendship Links.

During this biennium, we were invited to attend the Youth Forum in Minami Region, Japan. The Board decided on who to send to Japan. There was an essay contest among our S-Club members and three were chosen. Two girls from Sacred Hearts Academy in Waikiki and one From Liberty High School in Antioch. Off we went to Japan. Six S-clubs were chartered and one was re-formed.

I can't express how wonderful it was to be your Governor. I visited every club and was always met with warmth, friendliness and love from every member. It is an experience that will never be taken from me. -- Carol  Rose

1980-1982- Marge Conley
1982-1984- Patricia Daniels
1984-1986- Del Nickerson
1986-1988- Carol Steele
1988-1990- Susan (Lompa) Joyce
1990-1992- Lorraine Komor
1992-1994- Dorothy Avilla
1994-1996- Patti Cross
1996-1998- Nancy Walker
1998-2000- Linda McDoniels
1960-1962- Mary Lorentzen-Moser
1962-1964- Evelyn Holland
1964-1966- Mary Ellen George
1966-1968 – Mary Gianotti
1968-1970- Matie Barker Sparks
1970-1972- Charlotte Chichester
1972-1974- Julia 'Bess' Combs
1974-1976- Margaret "Maggie" Knott
1976-1978- Violet Unland
1978-1980- Catherine (Jordan) Burns
1940-1942- Lessie M. Hancock
1942-1944- Lois Stanley
1944-1946- Edith B. Kelley
1946-1948- Dr. Ruth S. Thomas (Heitfield)
1948-1950- Emily N. Ziegler
1950-1952- Ruth G. White, M.D.
1952-1954- Josephine Deterding
1954-1956- Maryn Overhouse
1956-1958- Robina Sleeper
1958-1960- Grace Patton
1927-1928 Jeannie G. Todd
1928-1930- Mae Wright Hutchins
1930-1932- Blanche O Edgar
1932-1934- Amelia F. Johnson
1934-1936- Helena M. Gamble
1936-1938- Mayme V. Matthay
1938-1940- Alta D. Hengy