Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."

2022-2024 Biennium  -  Vicki Ham, Governor

July 2022

Highlights: Governor Vicki biennium kickoff, Fellowship board, new Fellowship website, Pillar Reports, LYD Tutorial, board spotlight

August 2022

Highlights:  Fellowship raffle, District Meetings, Diamond Campaign drawing, Shaping the Future Awards, Ma'i Movement update

September 2022

Highlights: District Meeting reminders, Fellowship Sales Items, Special Guest Michelle Burnett,  Dreaming Big Together

October 2022

Highlights:  District III & IV Meeting photos, Club Brochure, LYD Community Partners, Violet Richardson Giving Campaign


Highlights: District Meeting Recap, Nominations, Memorial Form, Club Giving, Conference "Save the Date", Legislative Advocacy

December 2022

Posted on the 15th of each month.

January 2023

Posted on the 15th of each month.

February 2023

Posted on the 15th of each month.

2020-2022 Newsletters

 Kris Chorbi, Governor

July 2020

Highlights: biennium kickoff,
board bios & Fellowship bios,
region committee list,
new region website

August 2020

Highlights: committee chair bios,  Outstanding Region, District Meeting registration, Diamond Clubs

September 2020

Highlights: club certificates, rules of raffles, laws & resolutions, social media reminders, DI,BI Grants

October 2020

Highlights: Power of 8, Fellowship vs Laurel Society, Circle of Friends,  LYD stats,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg memorial 

November 2020

Highlights: District Meeting recap, healthy region report, virtual meeting language for club bylaws, Facebook frames

December 2020

Highlights: Fellowship fundraiser, Giving Tuesday, Instagram tips

January 2021

Highlights: Fun for Fellowship, AmazonSmile, SI Podcasts, Kate turns 100 

February 2021

Highlights: Membership Incentive, Peacock Challenge, Zoom fundraisers, Rally Up,  "S" Club Award, 1099 facts

March 2021

Highlights: International Women's Day, conference invite, Laurel Society, Facebook posts

April 2021

Highlights: conference details, choosing Fellowship recipients, Laurel Society levels, honoring LYD awardees, Brand Warrior

May 2021

Highlights: conference recap, Laurel recognitions, "Road to Equality", region award winners, Linked-in tips, Soroptimist Rose

June 2021

Highlights: Core Values, Fellowship fundraising recap,  Club Giving, Diamond Campaign

July 2021

Highlights:  Leadership resources, 15 Fellow levels, 2021-2031 Big Goal, Big Goal Accelerator Projects

August 2021

Highlights: Business card & brochure templates, 100 Year Celebrations, Dream Big Videos, Candle Lighting Ceremony

September 2021

Highlights:  District Meeting Calls, SIA Secretary-Treasurer Bobbi Enderlin, Club COVID Guidelines, Healthy Region Report

October 2021

Highlights:  100 Year Celebration,  District V Virtual Meeting, Dream Big Campaign, Diamond Region

November 2021

Highlights:  District Meetings recap, Big Goal, Nomination, Region Awards, Pres. Appeal,  Giving Tuesday, Program Deadlines

December 2021

Highlights:  Recruiting in a virtual environment, TikTok Tips,  SIA new Director, Michelle Burnett Video, SIA President Kazuko greeting

January 2022

Highlights:  Conference Updates, Conference Service Project, SIA Convention Speakers 

February 2022

Highlights: Conference Teasers, Call to Caucus, Conference Fundraiser , SIA Tea Party invite

March 2022

Highlights:  Conference Invite, Fellowship Fundraisers, Ukraine Disaster Relief, Conference Sponsor 

April 2022

Highlights:  Conference reminders, Call to Leadership Training, Honoring Club Awardee tips, Retention Awards

May 2022

Highlights:  Conference recap, Region VRA & LYD recipients, Leadership Training & Memorial Grove invites

June 2022

Highlights:  Farewell messages,  Fellow Levels,  Thank you's,  Year-end forms,  Memorial Grove photos