Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."

2022-2024 Biennium  -  Vicki Ham, Governor

July 2022

Highlights: Governor Vicki biennium kickoff, Fellowship board, new Fellowship website, Pillar Reports, LYD Tutorial, board spotlight

August 2022

Highlights:  Fellowship raffle, District Meetings, Diamond Campaign drawing, Shaping the Future Awards, Ma'i Movement update

September 2022

Highlights: District Meeting reminders, Fellowship Sales Items, Special Guest Michelle Burnett,  Dreaming Big Together

October 2022

Highlights:  District III & IV Meeting photos, Club Brochure, LYD Community Partners, Violet Richardson Giving Campaign


Highlights: District Meeting Recap, Nominations, Memorial Form, Club Giving, Conference "Save the Date", Legislative Advocacy

December 2022

Highlights:  LYD Judging Resources, Big Goal Accelerator Webinar, Region Shirt Sales, QuickBooks Tutorial

January 2023

Highlights: LYD & VRA Reporting, February "Fun for Fellowship", QuickBooks Tutorial

February 2023

Highlights: "S" Club Logo Contest, SIA Leadership Fellows Program, Advertisement Flyers

March 23

Highlights: Conference Details, April Fellowship Events, International Women' s Day, SIA Leadership Round Table

April 2023

Highlights:  Conference reminders, Fellowship Fun Run, District LYD & VRA Winners, Region Sales, SIA Leadership Roundtable

May 2023

Highlights:  Conference Recap, LYD, VRA, "S" Club Region Winners, SIA Dues Increase, Call to Leadership Training

June 2023

Highlights: Budget for Fellowship, Fun Run/Walk Report, Year-end Forms, SIA Recognitions,
2023 Conference Page

July 23

Highlights: Fellows Pin description, SIA Declaration Ends, Roadmap for Success, LYD updates, New Laws & Resolutions Chair

August 2023

Highlights: SI Convention recap, Nominations, Club Roadmap, SIA Resources

September 2023

Highlights:  SIA Convention FAQ, SIA Newsletter Survey,  LYD Infographic, Laurel Legacy, Elevator Speech

 October 2023

Highlights: New "S" Club logo, District III/IV Meeting Recap, New Program Details, Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign, Founder's Month

November 23

Highlights:  District Meeting Recap, AI & LYD,  Club Grants, Conference Save the Date

December 2023

Happy Holidays!
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January 2024

Highlights:  "Fun for Fellowship", Zoom backgrounds, DI,BI Reminders

February 2024

Highlights:  Call to Caucus, Region Committee Sign-ups, Fellowship Sponsorships, CANVA Template

March 2024

Highlights:  Call to Conference, Proposed Bylaws Amendments, Region & Fellowship Nominations, SIA Convention Registration

April 2024

Highlights:   Conference Reminders, Fellowship Fun Run, Committee Sign-ups, Call to Leadership Training,  #SIARegionConference2024 & #BeetheDreamSoroptimist

May 2024

Highlights:  Conference Highlights, Region Committee Sign-up, Leadership Training, FRF Fun Run, SIA Convention Meet-up

June 2024


2020-2022 Newsletters

 Kris Chorbi, Governor

July 2020

Highlights: biennium kickoff,
board bios & Fellowship bios,
region committee list,
new region website

August 2020

Highlights: committee chair bios,  Outstanding Region, District Meeting registration, Diamond Clubs

September 2020

Highlights: club certificates, rules of raffles, laws & resolutions, social media reminders, DI,BI Grants

October 2020

Highlights: Power of 8, Fellowship vs Laurel Society, Circle of Friends,  LYD stats,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg memorial 

November 2020

Highlights: District Meeting recap, healthy region report, virtual meeting language for club bylaws, Facebook frames

December 2020

Highlights: Fellowship fundraiser, Giving Tuesday, Instagram tips

January 2021

Highlights: Fun for Fellowship, AmazonSmile, SI Podcasts, Kate turns 100 

February 2021

Highlights: Membership Incentive, Peacock Challenge, Zoom fundraisers, Rally Up,  "S" Club Award, 1099 facts

March 2021

Highlights: International Women's Day, conference invite, Laurel Society, Facebook posts

April 2021

Highlights: conference details, choosing Fellowship recipients, Laurel Society levels, honoring LYD awardees, Brand Warrior

May 2021

Highlights: conference recap, Laurel recognitions, "Road to Equality", region award winners, Linked-in tips, Soroptimist Rose

June 2021

Highlights: Core Values, Fellowship fundraising recap,  Club Giving, Diamond Campaign

July 2021

Highlights:  Leadership resources, 15 Fellow levels, 2021-2031 Big Goal, Big Goal Accelerator Projects

August 2021

Highlights: Business card & brochure templates, 100 Year Celebrations, Dream Big Videos, Candle Lighting Ceremony

September 2021

Highlights:  District Meeting Calls, SIA Secretary-Treasurer Bobbi Enderlin, Club COVID Guidelines, Healthy Region Report

October 2021

Highlights:  100 Year Celebration,  District V Virtual Meeting, Dream Big Campaign, Diamond Region

November 2021

Highlights:  District Meetings recap, Big Goal, Nomination, Region Awards, Pres. Appeal,  Giving Tuesday, Program Deadlines

December 2021

Highlights:  Recruiting in a virtual environment, TikTok Tips,  SIA new Director, Michelle Burnett Video, SIA President Kazuko greeting

January 2022

Highlights:  Conference Updates, Conference Service Project, SIA Convention Speakers 

February 2022

Highlights: Conference Teasers, Call to Caucus, Conference Fundraiser , SIA Tea Party invite

March 2022

Highlights:  Conference Invite, Fellowship Fundraisers, Ukraine Disaster Relief, Conference Sponsor 

April 2022

Highlights:  Conference reminders, Call to Leadership Training, Honoring Club Awardee tips, Retention Awards

May 2022

Highlights:  Conference recap, Region VRA & LYD recipients, Leadership Training & Memorial Grove invites

June 2022

Highlights:  Farewell messages,  Fellow Levels,  Thank you's,  Year-end forms,  Memorial Grove photos