Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."


Fellowship Board 

Kris Chorbi

Fellowship President

Danelle Tegarden

Fellowship Treasurer

Billie Knight

District I Fellowship Director
and Secretary

Dana Holve

District II Fellowship Director 
SI/Vacaville Twilight

Laurie Gallian

District III Fellowship Director
SI/Sonoma Valley

Laura Middlemiss

District IV Fellowship Director
SI/Humbildt Bay

Angie Bugarin

District V Fellowship Director
SI/Central Oahu

Fellowship Website

The Fellowship Grant application cycle is open from November 20 to January 10 of each year. Visit the Fellowship website for more details and the link to apply.
For questions, contact Fellowship President Kris Chorbi at 2022.2024Fellowship@gmail.com.

     Fellowship - Founder Region's Identifying Project

Most service organizations have Identifying Projects that help the organization realize its mission. From Soroptimist International down to the club level, one will find many innovative, heartwarming, and challenging projects to fulfill the Soroptimist mission, which is to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.  Club projects reflect the interest, background, and skills of the membership, and give a club focus and local notoriety in their communities.

Founder Region Fellowship (FRF)
Fellowship is the identifying project of Founder Region. FRF’s mission is to advance the status of women through financial support to women in the final phase of their doctoral degree. This project gives grants to selected women attending universities within the bounds of Founder Region. A byproduct of this support is affirmation of the importance of the recipients’ work and value as an individual.

The Fellowship Goal
FRF seeks to support women who are working in fields traditionally held by men or fields that have great social importance to the world. The recipients’ work will reflect and further Soroptimist ideals.

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Fellowship Bylaws

Fellowship Procedures

What is a Fellow?

Fellowships are grants or scholarships. But what is a fellow? A fellow is an equal or a comrade. It is most often used in an academic context: a fellow is often part of an elite group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of knowledge or practice.

In this case, a Soroptimist “Fellow” is a person or club that is indeed a member of an elite group. Every fellow named represents $1,000 in donations to the Soroptimist Founder Region Fellowship Program, which provides scholarships to some amazing women. Over 750 Soroptimist women have become Fellows since 1948. Five hundred women are active members, and many have multiple fellowships and/or have donated fellowships to other Soroptimist women.

Ask your Soroptimist Fellowship Director for a copy of the complete list of Fellows by district. They will be happy to update the list if a name is missing, miss-spelled, or the member has moved to a different district or club.

The Fellowship Board emcees the annual Friday night dinner at Founder Region Conference where the new Fellowship recipients are presented to the members, and given a moment to describe themselves and their project. Soroptimist Fellows are invited to an exclusive reception before dinner to meet the recipient winners in person! This is always a highlight of conference for Fellowship.

How to become a Fellow:
  • Contribute $1,000 to Founder Region Fellowship.
  • Anyone can win a Fellow by participating in Fellowship drawings.
  • Donations to Fellowship can be made by anyone, including non-members.
  • Set up a Monthly Pledge of $25 or more to become a fellow.

Past Fellowship Presidents 

2020-2022          Cheryl Poncini
2018 - 2020        Pam Parker
2016 - 2018        Bobbi Enderlin
2014 – 2016       Carol Steele
2012 - 2014        Linda sue Hansen
2010 - 2012       Joyce Strand
2008 - 2010        Barbara Lanier
2006 - 2008        Dion Weaver
2004 - 2006        Mary Ann Redden
2002 - 2004        Linda Sue Hansen
2000 - 2002        Linda McDoniels
1998 - 2000        Nancy Walker
1996 - 1998        Dorothy Avila
1992 - 1996        Del Nickerson
1988 - 1992        Norma Rhoads
1986 - 1988        Julia "Bess" Combs