Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."

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Club Annual Dues and "S" Club


This button will pay for annual Club Dues ($90)
plus $10 for "S" Club/Dream It, Be It Programs.
Annual Payment includes Club Dues, "S" Club Dues, 
and Member Dues (see button to the right). 
Membership form(s) are also required with payment.

Founder Region Member Dues


Fellowship Dues


The Member Dues button menu includes $35.00 annual dues (or $17.50 pro-rated Jan 1-Jun 30) with $2.00 Member Education/Recruitment Training Fund. Other options include paying Life Member Dues, Charter Club fees, or Late Fees.
Not Fellowship (see next button)
* Complete and Send Annual Dues Worksheet and 
New Member Forms to Founder Region Treasurer 
Tess Albin-Smith at tess@alumni.ucdavis.edu
Fellowship Dues
are paid annually directly to Fellowship
for all regular and new members
(not pro-rated after Jan)
*Complete and send Annual Dues Worksheet 
and New Member Forms 
to Fellowship Treasurer Danelle Tegarden at

Soroptimist License Plate Frames

$15.00 each

Buy 10 get 1 FREE
Ship (in-state) 1-5 $5 / 6+ $10
Contact us for out of state shipping cost.

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Your donation helps to provide women and girls with the education & training they need to achieve economic empowerment.