Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."

Dream It, Be It

Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls

 Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls gives girls the tools they need to achieve their education and career goals, empowering them to break cycles of poverty, violence, and abuse.  Dream It, Be It targets girls in secondary school who face obstacles to their future success. It provides girls with access to professional role models, career education and the resources to live their dreams. Soroptimist clubs will work in partnership with girls in small groups or a conference setting to provide them with the information and resources they want and need to be successful. The topics covered include career opportunities, setting and achieving goals, overcoming obstacles to success and how to move forward after setbacks or failures.

"I loved the whole idea of empowering us. They made us feel like no matter our background or situation, we can make it. We can become something successful."

—Dream It, Be It participant

Dream It, Be It provides girls the guidance and resources they need to achieve their goals. In the first three years since its inception, Dream It, Be It has reached more than 20,000 girls in 14 countries and territories. Girls come out with more confidence, new tools to overcome obstacles, and achievable goals for their future.

Soroptimist launched the Dream It, Be It curriculum in 2015.  
 Since then, more than 35,000 girls around the world have participated.

Impact of the Dream It, Be It Program

For Clubs 

Soroptimist clubs now have access to a myriad of resources for Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls on the SIA website.  A Club Planning Toolkit, complete with all a club needs to know to get started with the program; a Curriculum Overview; Guidelines for Working With Youth and Tips for Successful Projects, as well as, Tips for Facilitating Groups are available.  Clubs are being asked to learn more about the program by researching the resources available and begin planning a local-level project following the program.

SIA requires clean background checks for all adults working with youth. Background checks should conform to applicable local, state and national requirements. SIA recommends Info Cubic as a provider of background checks and has special pricing for Soroptimist members. Go to Hire Image for more information. Click here for the Info Cubic Quick-start Guide. Members should also read ‘Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-serving Organizations’ to be compliant with SIA procedures.

Application for Dream It, Be It Grant
Founder Region has a special fund designated for club Dream It, Be It Projects. The money is collected each year from clubs in the region. Founder Region Procedures state that up to $500.00 can be granted to a club for their Dream It, Be It project.  Only one grant can be received per project. Funds are limited but a one-time renewal may be granted if the project is expanded.  Clubs are not eligible if they receive a Soroptimist Club Grant for Women and Girls for their Dream It, Be It project in the same year. Applications will be reviewed by the Dream It, Be It Committee and approved by the Founder Region Board. Please allow 60 days for this approval process.
Please submit application to Bev Gomer, Dream It, Be It Chair.
245 Sierra Court, Martinez, CA 94553   *   Cell: 925-963-2557   *   bevgomer3@gmail.com

Once you receive a Dream It, Be It Grant, you will be asked to submit a Follow-up report with details about the program and how the funds were dispersed.  Please submit this report within one month after the completion of the program.   Download Grant Follow-up Report 

Founder Region - Dream It, Be It Chair: Bev Gomer, SI/Martinez.   For questions or more information, contact Bev Gomer at bevgomer3@gmail.com.


Founder Region has created a Curriculum Workbook that includes all  handouts from the 7 sessions, which you can download and print yourself.

Online report due by June 30