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Thank you to the 2020-2022 Founder Region Board

As my biennium comes to an end, I want to thank my board for their unwavering support and commitment to the clubs in Founder Region while navigating through an unbelievably challenging two years. I will remember each and every one of you with gratitude and fondness for the times we spent together. Here are a few of your endearing qualities I will cherish:

Director Lenore – Your singing and dancing skills (or falling skills) are like no other. Thank you for being my #1 cheerleader and working so hard for the clubs in District I, even while spending the summer in France (lucky girl).
Director Jackie – Your enthusiasm and joy are infectious. Thank you for your honesty and passion for the clubs in District II.  I have never seen anyone who loves all things pink, the Giants and the Warriors wrapped up into one bubbly girl.
Director Colleen – Although you were not very tech-savvy at first, you rose to the challenge and engaged with the clubs in District III to build relationships that will serve you well in the next biennium. Social distancing was not in your vocabulary as I received the biggest hug ever because of a little IT support.  
Director Vicki – Thank you for the hours of conversation to and from board meetings. Your love of all things Disney is almost matched by your love of clubs in District IV.
Director Kristal – Your sweet demeanor and attention to detail have been an asset on the board with these new directors. Thank you for mentoring them and sharing your experience and knowledge with the clubs in District V.
Treasurer Tess - Thank you for all your hard work to ensure the finances and membership numbers of the region were accurate.  You did a wonderful job on the Club Treasurer Tutorial, which is full of important information to help our clubs stay on track financially.  
Secretary Joy - Thank you stepping outside of your comfort zone to take on the role of secretary. You did a great job revamping the region roster and delighted in the never-ending job of updating the information.  
Governor-elect Vicki - Thank you for always listening to my crazy ideas and being so receptive to new ways of having fun while supporting our clubs. We were the perfect team right from the beginning and I am forever grateful for your friendship and your proofing skills. I still can't believe you have never seen an episode of "Seinfeld".  I have the utmost confidence that you will make an excellent Governor and I know your 2022-2024 board has what it takes to lead Founder Region into the 2nd century, so we can continue to "Bee the Dream!".

To the members of Founder Region,
It was my honor to preside as your Governor over the past two years. Thank you for your support and for the love you have bestowed upon me. Your donations to my Laurel Society are most appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I tried my best to lead the region through this unprecedented time in history and I hope my legacy to “Dream BIG for the future!” will guide the members of Founder Region for many years to come. Farewell!

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