Our Vision: "Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams."

2021 Conference Content

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100 Year Celebration Program

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Fellowship Awards Gala

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Keynote Speaker - Sharon Fisher

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2021 Conference Page

Kris Chorbi, Governor

It is my honor to invite you to join us for the 45th Annual Founder Region Conference! 
We have created several new pages on our website that contain everything you need to know about the 2021 Virtual Conference.  On the main 2021 Conference Page, you will find messages from region and federation leadership; a quick reference guide of presentations, conference add-ons and opportunities for engagement. On the Online Conference Program Page, you will find an expanded  virtual agenda with speaker bios, awardee information and memorial tribute.  Be sure to click on the arrow on each section to see the full online content.

The Conference Service Project Page details our exciting collaboration with the “Dress a Girl Around the World” organization, giving you the opportunity for a hands-on project in the safety of your own home. Sew to your hearts content and let your creativity shine as we engage in “Increased Collective Impact” to help girls feel valued and empowered around the world. Be sure to visit the Voting and Elections Page for details about Caucus, online voting instructions, and the proposed bylaw amendments.  Meet the nominees for the 2021-2023 Nominating Committee and read about their qualifications and experience.  And finally, don’t forget to visit the Conference Club Sales Page, where you can shop till you drop from our clubs throughout the region. Contact the clubs directly to place your orders and pick up those installation and thank you gifts for your members and officers.

Register for all the exciting events and presentations through Eventbrite. Once registered, you will be able to view the Online Event Page for details about the sessions and access the Zoom links.  I look forward to sharing this experience with all our members in Founder Region as we celebrate the past, and Dream BIG for the future!
Governor Kris Chorbi

Vicki Ham, Governor-elect

Dear Founder Region Members,
What a year this has been! Who could have ever imagined we would be holding our second virtual conference because of the pandemic.  I am so proud of how clubs have come together during these unprecedented times and gathered via Zoom, held fundraisers and continued to give out awards at an amazing rate. Nothing can slow a Soroptimist down!

As we reflect back on this unusual year of school closures, business shutdowns and personal quarantines, let us not forget the women and girls we are here to help. Imagine their lives of economic hardships compounded with having to help their children through virtual Zoom learning while continuing their own studies online. Some may be subjected to increased domestic violence, isolation and low self confidence. Our Live Your Dream awardees are given a boost to aid in overcoming many of these obstacles. Our Violet Richardson Awardees are making a difference in their communities and looking toward the future.  

As our lives begin to return to normal, we must ensure that we continue our mission and support the women and girls who needs us most. Although we cannot be together in person, we must work together to change lives and Dream BIG.  I look forward to seeing you in-person in the very near future. Stay safe and healthy; we will all pull through as a strong region and members of this wonderful Soroptimist organization.
Governor-elect Vicki Ham

Founder Region Board

Governor - Kris Chorbi

Governor-elect - Vicki Ham

Secretary - Joy Swank

Treasurer - Tess Albin-Smith

District I Director - Lenore Colarusso

District II Director - Jackie Arnold

District III Director - Colleen Ganaye

District IV Director - Vicki Baldwin

District V Director - Kristal Koga

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with the board members & to view our videos. 

Kris Chorbi


Soroptimist International of Eureka

29 Year Member

2021 Conference Invite

Vicki Ham


Soroptimist International of Willits

13 Year Member 

Awards Program Invite

Joy Swank


Soroptimist International of Vacaville

10 Year Member

Region Board Meeting Invite

Tess Albin-Smith


Soroptimist International of Noyo Sunrise

30 Year Member

Legislative Advocacy Invite

Lenore Colarusso

District I Director

Soroptimist International of 24-680 (Walnut Creek)

16 Year Member

Keynote Speaker Invite

Jackie Arnold

District II Director

Soroptimist International of Vallejo

18 Year Member

Social Cocktail Hour Invite

Colleen Ganaye

District III Director

Soroptimist International of Sonoma Valley

 42 Year Member 

Business Meeting Invite

Vicki Baldwin

District IV Director

Soroptimist International of Crescent City

8 Year Member

100 Year Celebration Invite

Kristal Koga

District V Director

Soroptimist International of The Marianas

24 Year Member 

Memorial Service Invite

Fellowship Board 

President - Cheryl Poncini

Treasurer - Teresa Karlson

District I  Fellowship Director - Billie Knight

District II Fellowship  Director - Dana Holve

District III Fellowship Director - Fawn Williams

District IV Fellowship Director - Crystal Arbuthnot

District V Fellowship Director - Denise Ridge

Fellowship's 2021 Silent Auction Fundraiser:
Deanna's Pins is now underway.  
New items have just been added as of 4/24/21.

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Cheryl Poncini

Fellowship President

Soroptimist International of Oakland-The Founder Club

37 Year Member 

Theresa Karlson

Fellowship Treasurer

Soroptimist International of  San Ramon Valley

11 Year Member 

Billie Knight

District I Fellowship Director

Soroptimist International of East  Bay

11 Year Member 

Fellow Recognition Invite

Dana Holve

District II Fellowship Director

Soroptimist International of Vacaville Twilight

5 Year Member 

Fawn Williams

District III Fellowship Director

Soroptimist International of Clear Lake

17 Year Member 

Fellowship Program Invite

Crystal Arbuthnot

District IV Fellowship Director

Soroptimist International of The Redwoods

19 Year Member 

Fellowship Fundraiser Invite

Denise Ridge

District V Fellowship Director

Soroptimist International of Waikiki Foundation, Inc.

10 Year Member 

Virtual Conference Program

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